Dr Ibrahim Latheef

Dr Ibrahim Latheef


Dr Ibrahim Latheef is a lecturer in ICT and Digital technologies in education in the Faulty of Education at Monash University.

Research interests
Dr Ibrahim Latheef’s research interest lies in the use of technology as tools in education and its sociocultural and sociohistorical impact on the learners:
* Mind and Interactivity
* Cultural Historical impact of technologies in education
* Digital games in education
* Digital literacy as a way of thinking
* Mixed realities in education

Current projects include:
* Exploring self and social regulation in Minecraft: Cognitive and Metacognitive regulation
* Transforming education through technology: vision vs reality
* Investigating Cultural Historical impact and change in teaching and learning when new      tools (new curriculum and ICTE) are introduced in primary classroom: Australia Vs          Maldives

Email: Ibrahim.Latheef@monash.edu
Twitter: @ICTEGuru