Associate Professor Phillip Dawson

Associate Professor Phillip Dawson


Research interests:

My new media research focuses on where it intersects with assessment in higher education. Are online examinations secure (or even a good idea)? How can we improve feedback in mass higher education? What assessment approaches scale well?


Please get in touch any time to discuss research projects at the intersection of new media and assessment.


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Top-five publications most relevant to LNM:

Five ways to hack and cheat with bring-your-own-device electronic examinations. British Journal of Educational Technology, 2015. Dawson, P.

Our anonymous online research participants are not always anonymous: Is this a problem? British Journal of Educational Technology 2014. Dawson, P.

A contribution to the history of assessment: how a conversation simulator redeems Socratic method. Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education 2014. Nelson, R. & Dawson, P.

Motivation and cognitive load in the flipped classroom: definition, rationale and a call for research. Higher Education Research & Development, 2015. Abeysekera, L. &Dawson, P.

Conversational reading: History and context for a new genre of virtual learning. Digital Culture & Education, 2014. Nelson, R. & Dawson, P.