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Post-pandemic priorities … learning EdTech lessons from COVID-19

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has thrown digital technology and education into the spotlight. Now, some people are beginning to start thinking beyond the current upheavals, and consider the post-pandemic implications for education. Here are five initial guesses at how our approaches to education and technology might change …

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new article in Pedagogy, Culture & Society

Luci Pangrazio and Neil Selwyn have a new article in Pedagogy, Culture & Society that overviews their recent series of projects examining young people's understandings of the role that digital data now plays in their everyday lives

What’s the problem with learning analytics?

The Journal of Learning Analytics has just published a written version of Neil Selwyn's LAK17 Keynote outline some concerns over the values and politics of data-driven analytics technologies as they are implemented along mass lines throughout school and university contexts.

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